Basic Configuration

In this root folder you will find a file called configure.toml open this file in any text editor or IDM.

If your theme is not launched in your localhost, then check the theme name is correct in configure.toml file. Then run hugo server command again.

Default configuration

  1. At the very top you will see a baseURL field for your site URL. Give your site URL here.
  2. Then the Theme field that you are already declared.
  3. SummaryLeangth is for post excerpt limit. you can set your post excerpt length as you want to show.
  4. DefaultContentLanguage field is for your site default language, which will load first with your site load.
  5. disableLanguages field is for disable languages, if you don’t want to show one or more then one you can add the language name here, it will disabled those languages from your site. example
    disableLanguages = ["fr"] it will desabled french language from your site.

Default Parameters

  1. Logo can change from static/img folder.
  2. description field is for your default meta description, it will show on your homepage and other page that have not any meta description on this page front-matter.
  3. author is for site author name.
  4. googleAnalitycsID is for turn on google analytics on your site, give your won analytics ID here.
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